Arbomedia training – Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

In order to stop the migration, ARBOmedia set up a corporate training for the publishers between the 31st of August and 2nd of September in Bulgaria. They’ll use this event in order to promote the new sales team and lift the moral status of some publishers. There are some serious frustrations going on over there and probably Sunny Beach will help them figure out the best approach for 2008.
The main issue at ARBOmedia remains the uneven distribution of sales force and budgets among their website portfolio.

4 Replies to “Arbomedia training – Sunny Beach, Bulgaria”

  1. :)))
    Lol, nu a fost corporate training, ci mai degraba intalnirea anuala cu site-ownerii, eveniment aflat la cea de-a treia editie, o initiativa in premiera pe piata romaneasca (inspirat desigur din succesul celor similare de pe presa locala).
    Si eu astept cu interes anul 2008, dar cred ca putem lasa resentimentele deoparte, ce zici?

    Evident ca acum vorbesc ca si un site-owner din reteaua ARBO, dar inceputul stirii mi s-a parut de-a dreptul rautacios:)

  2. N-am deloc resentimente si imi place sa cred ca am ramas in relatii bune atat cu Calin cat si noua echipa. Poate dintr-un exces de impartialitate si obiectivitate am parut cam exigent insa probabil este si efectul pragmatic al limbii engleze 🙂

    Ti-am citit articolul de pe blog si recunosc ca mi-ar fi placut sa vin si eu… daca stau sa ma gandesc am folosit un ton de invidie 🙂 🙂 🙂

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