ARBOmedia quarterly report and online revenues

Since the local ARBOmedia is poor on comments on the local market, I’ll have to bring you some facts about Romania from their quarterly report.

IMPORTANT BEFORE READING: the quarterly report is made for the shareholders and the figures presented below are not AUDITED!

Liquidity 7,3 million euros – the liquidity raised by 0,5 million eur because there is a scheduled payment of the ramaining purchase price for aquiring the publishing companies in Romania.

NOTE: after listing the company on the stock market, there are plans to acquire other publishers in Romania.

Sales revenues of the subsidiaries – although the sales Czech Republic lowered by almost 4 million eur, Romania had a good pace and the Romanian publishers contributed to the increase of the gross margin relation. They say they expect the positive trend to continue on the second quarter also.

Outlook and order situation in the second quarter – the Romanian ARBOvision is considered to exceed the sales figures of the same period last year. For all the subsidiaries, they say that they have secured 18.000.000 eur bookings for the second quarter.

In Romania, they also expect disproportionately high growth within the local publishers. Marketing the tematic TV stations will also develop significantly above the previous years 1st quarter because the aquisition of Hallmark as a client.
100.000 eur/month – this is how much they invested beginning with the 1st of January 2007 in consolidating the Romanian publishing companies acquired last year. The sales and distribution costs are comprised primarily of the salaries, travel costs and costs in relation to advertising and marketing activities 🙂

Online revenues

Now, you all probably wonder about the online figures since Calin is so discreet and busy recruiting and no one at ARBO wants to tell their figures so far… let’s see:

1.218.000 eur in the first quarter of 2006 and quite a rise in 2007 as they reached 1.862.000 eur in this part of the world  (Eastern Europe) 🙂 .

I also have to mention the Sales Cost: 1.373.000 eur – this means that the gross profit was 489.000 eur… enough money to give a nice raise to the 5 people they lost two weeks ago…

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