ARBOmedia – new ad server

First of all, the old server ( had some technical problems earlier this year, but the most important 2 issues are related to the compatibility with some local Internet Service Providers (there were users unable to see the ARBO ads) and to the compatibility with Mozilla Firefox (the old ad server couldn’t display the overlayer flash ads in a Firefox browser).

The new ad server for ARBOmedia Romania is located at and it’s now hosted in the Czech Republic. It seems that ARBOmedia AG is planning to bring all the networks on one server in order to have a better understanding of the advertising business – they already have the serving the CZ users, serving RO and my guess is that we’ll see ad3, ad4, etc for other countries. Of course, having one ad server means low costs, better targeting and better management of the ip database but also the possibility to sell an online campaign in several European countries.

If their strategy will succeed, we might have the first serious European competitor with the big American online brokers and of course, ARBOmedia will be a very attractive company to buy in the near future 🙂 (they say, everything is for sale).