ARBOmedia, Neogen spending money in Bulgaria

The National Tourist Agency said that the revenues in Bulgaria coming from the visits of foreign tourists in the country have increased with 16.04% in the first half of 2007 compared with the same period last year.
The revenues are EUR 1347,4 M and the number of tourists has risen with 6.88% meaning 3,972,020 people.

Since ARBOmedia and Neogen had training sessions in Bulgaria, I would have to point the finger at them for supporting promoting the Bulgarian tourism.

But every story has not only bad guys and I’m glad to say that there still is hope for the local tourism – Media Direction and Boom are only 2 of the companies manifesting awareness of the Romanian business environment since they directed the money towards local businesses (in Valea Cernei and Olanesti).

2 Replies to “ARBOmedia, Neogen spending money in Bulgaria”

  1. Bogdan, no Romanian company is guilty for avoiding Romanian tourism. Why don’t you blame the miserable hotels and poor infrastructure.

    My clients (Boom and Media Direction) both assumed a longer trip for better fun. And I think that they won the battle.

    There are more other nice locations for team-building activities in Romania. You just need to ask the right person to do it for you.

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