ARBOmedia Internet sales, half year report

Since Calin likes to keep secret the public info about the Romanian ARBOmedia sales, here are some notes on the latest ARBOmedia Half-year Report 2007 [PDF File/SAVE Target AS…] published by ARBOmedia München.

Before reading, please note that all the figures are unaudited:
In 2006, ARBOmedia had 2.949.0000 eur from Internet sales in the first half of the year in Eastern Europe. In 2007 they manage to bost their income and they reached 4.658.000 eur for the same period. This means that the profit went from 657.000 eur (2006) to 1.187.000 (first half of 2007).

The figures look good mainly because of the good evolution ARBOmedia has in Poland and Czech Republic.

You should also check out my previous post about ARBO since the general notes are still the same.