ARBOmedia forecasts $1 billion (€700 million)

This is not a message from the future. Please read the following news very carefully – you’ll find the explanations at the bottom:

ARBOmedia forecasts that the 2007 advertising spend will come close to $1 billion (€700 million), representing a growth rate of 5.7%, double the growth rate of 2006.

The Internet spend is predicted to grow the most in percentage terms, 35%, to €26 million, but it represents only 4% of the total spend. TV still rules the roost and is expected to garner 48% of the market with a €333 million spend.

The statements above were made by the ARBOmedia Czech representatives 🙂
Czech advertising growth rate forecast is to double in 2007 and the advertising economy there continues to boom. The same trend will come in Romania in the next years – if sources in ARBOmedia Romania estimate a 8,4 million EUR market in 2007, by 2010 the local figures will probably be similar (proportional) to the ones they have in Poland and Czech Republic.