ARBO closer to the television

Very below the line… the teaser was on the net targeted on me and some folks – the leaderboards on my websites followed me through the day (Aproape de televiziune).

The next thing, was an envelope. Inside: a picture, a place and an hour.
So what was the fuzz about? There were 2 theories. First, people thought that ARBO managed to secretly renegotiate the contract with the Romanian Television. I thought it was interesting but after a phone call, a friend told me that is a rumor he also heard and was not true.
The second theory was when we discovered the picture in the envelope so we imagined that was the new ARBO headquarters and it was the grand opening.

The naked truth?
Well, it was the new headquarters but still under construction (and near the Romanian Television). They managed to give us the outfit for protection and we visited the building. Overall, the BTL event was inspired and everybody had tons of fun. Of course that after the visit, we had a hot drink and chat at a near café.

I think the event was a hit and today I managed to send a “thank you” note.