Antonio Eram and his long nights

When Jeremy Wright was in Romania, Antonio Eram was introduced to him as the “father” of Romanian blogging. This is because Eram was the founder of, the first Romanian blogging platform.

Yesterday, my friend Allicia (a dedicated blogger) told me that she wanted out of because the system is not usable anymore. She already made a copy on but still was unhappy because didn’t allow her to make a backup of her posts.

Via Zoso I found that many of his blogger friends are also moving their stuff out of weblog.

Antonio Eram (although involved with his company in other projects) is very close to the weblog and he is personally taking care of the updates. So… why the long nights? Because Eram is facing stress from other areas also – there are rumors that Vodafone is asking for many deadlines. Well, I can only wish him enough energy to take care of all the issues.

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  1. thank you but I don’t see what is the point with Vodafone….
    Meanwhile is growing and is getting updates almost on daily basis in it’s goal to become romania’s favourite blogging destination.
    Users come and go, a thing that is very normal and yes we had problems that at this moment we believe we have overpased. The future looks great and I believe everyone will understand that all this time we didn’t sit but we have depeloped key functionalities.

    Thank you,

  2. … and that’s the greatest thing to do and I wish you again all my good thoughts. I wrote the post as many users faced several problems with the website. As you know, the bloggers are very involved in what they’re doing so it’s best to avoid negative feelings from the blogging community.

    Imagine the broken hearts if or wordpress will be closed for a day without notices.

    My advice: next time you update your service, send a mail to the users and make sure that during the updates to post a message on the website. I know that all the guys were pissed because they had no idea about what was going on and this can be avoided in the future.

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