Adriean Videanu – PR problems on the net

Adriean Videanu is the mayor of Bucharest. One of his projects is to build a business center in the middle of Bucharest and of course, he is facing a great opposition from the citizens. After several protests and social campaigns, the unhappy folks moved their little “war” on the Internet.

“Save the Bucharest” is the name of the group and they manage to be quite a pain for the mayor. Their latest action is the launch of the “Adriean VideaNU – Adriean Vidul Minune” blog. One of the leaders of the movement is Mariana Duma and she was the first who told me about the new Videanu blog.

Of course, mr. Videanu doesn’t know one thing: there are over 50.000.000 blogs in the world and his new personal page is probably not a very good PR example. On the other hand he is the first romanian politician to have his own blog, so I guess he is making history.

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