61 minutes of TV ads and promotions a day

The New York Times/Media & Advertising/ Study Findings:

In a world with grocery store television screens, digitally delivered movie libraries and cellphone video clips, the average American is exposed to 61 minutes of TV ads and promotions a day. – via Dan Petre

I found very interesting the data regarding young audiences and the indicators that the Web is affecting media usage.

People ages 18 to 24:

  • generally college students and new entrants into the work force — watch the smallest amount of live TV of any age group (three and a half hours a day);
  • spend the most time text messaging (29 minutes a day);
  • watch the most online video (5.5 minutes a day).

People ages 35 to 44:

  • spend more time on the Web than other groups (74 minutes a day on average).

People ages 45 to 54:

  • spend the most time on e-mail.