5 secrets about the Romanian bloggers

[IMPORTANT NOTE – the information presented below is not yet 100% verified]

Magda Zander
Magda Zander is not only a good online manager working at Netbridge. She also has a secret career as a singer – her latest album (Zander feat Alexis Hart) was a great hit in 2003 in Australia.
If Magda will quit the Romanian online business is most likely to move to Australia and start working for a new album.

Vivi Costache
After one year working at Google, Vivi decided to launch a small start-up in Vancouver, WA. He is the first Romanian blogger to have a chain of Complete Professional Nail Care & Foot Spas.
Rumors say that the business is great and many Google employees use Vivi’s facility. This is the main reason why in may 2007, Sergey Brin asked Vivi to open a Vivi Nails center in the Googleplex.

Antonio Eram
Antonio Eram is well known as one of the brains behind NETOPIA System. The thing you didn’t know is that Eram SA is the leading manufacturer of shoes in France, producing more than 11 million pairs of shoes per year.
Another secret is that he is planning to offer free shoes to all the users using the Romanian blogging platform Weblog.

Orlando Nicoara
Orlando Nicoara is well known for his managing skills. We all knew that his only business is online but his greatest secret is the Orlando Magazine – the magazine reflects the lifestyle and interests of an upscale, educated readership. Although he is very discreet about his involvement as a media owner, the plans are to bring the Orlando Magazine in Romania in 2010 (when he plans to exit the existing online business).

Finally, the most controversial secret is about the first Romanian blogger to win the first million dollars from his blog. Few people know that his accident also provided national TV coverage for his blog and this is how his revenues reached the sky in just a few days. This is how Zoso made the first million but this was just the beginning and now he managed to build an empire based on blogging.
His latest investment is the Zoso Hotel in Palm Springs but his latest visit to Paris indicates that he is about to open another Zoso Hotel near the Eiffel Tower.

[DISCLAIMER – the information presented below is not yet 100% verified and is just based on rumors. I hope you had fun reading it and please considered it as a week-end posting ๐Ÿ™‚ ]

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  1. Doru (Greek: รŽยดรล’รยรโ€ฆ), was a type of spear in general use in the old greek world. This could mean that you also have a business in traffiking weapons – there are people saying that you supplied Basescu with the spears in the last campaign and you also have a secret affair with Britney Spears ๐Ÿ™‚

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