100 million euro castle for sale on a real estate website

This is the most expensive castle in the world and it’s also very famous – Bran is also known as Dracula’s castle and these days, is out for sale.
I saw the announcement on a real estate website and the requested price is 100.000.000 euro – quite high but the castle is placed in the middle of Transylvania and some would probably pay in order to discover the truth about the genuine vampires.
The announcement above is also controversial as one of the respondents is Adrian Iorgulescu (Romanian Ministry of Culture) also interested in acquiring BRAN.

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  1. In Italy they say real estate prices have sky-rocketed over recent years, and I should imagine that would certainly be the case if you were in the business of buying castles. A rare opportunity has presented itself in Cortona, Perugia, with an entire castle going up for sale, giving new meaning to the expression “a man’s house is his castle”.

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