10% of Trilulilu.ro sold to Alexis Bonte

Alexis Bonte (Co-Founder & CEO at Erepublik.com, board member: SEII, Centrofarm, GeneralCom, CPH Pharma, Farmacia y Salud, Fitnesskit), bought 10% of Romanian video sharing website Trilulilu.ro with 100,000 euro.

The website has a good viral potential and can sell advertising but there is one interesting thing about Romania: very few people upload their own videos so there’s a really small market for user generated video sharing (close to 0%) although Romanians are huge fans of watching online streams. Maybe things will change in the near future and I hope the money will help Trilulilu develop in a healthy way 🙂

SEII is a privately owned Portuguese holding company active in real estate, health related companies and internet start-ups.

At the moment its directors have controlling stakes in several companies, mostly in Portugal, Romania and Spain such as: pharmaceutical laboratories, chains of pharmacies and natural health products, real estate investments, e-commerce.

Group Portfolio:
– Internet companies: www.erepublik.com (invite only beta), LeWeb3.com start up competition top 5, www.enetural.pt , www.fitnesskit.com , www.essential.pt , www.tevin.ro (dev centre)
– Internet Investments: www.livra.com , www.intellego.fr , www.yesnomayB.com ( Romania, Spain and Portugal), imodel.ro, trilulilu.ro
– Healthcare companies: www.centrofarm.ro , www.cph.pt , www.econutraceuticos.eu , www.distrifa.pt , www.farmaciaysalud.net , www.clarfon.ro www.plafar.net , www.sintofarm..ro
– Real Estate & Finance companies: www.generalcom.ro , www.totaleasing.ro