World Blogging Forum – WBF2009, Bucharest, Romania

A List Bloggers from 30 countries will come in Romania in november to join The World Blogging Forum.


1. Blogs & citizen journalism – global trends
2. The influence of blogs on the civil society
3. The importance of blogs for the governmental organizations
4. E-Government – Democracy through participation
5. Enviromental blogging and activism
6. New media & renewable energy – using blogging to build a self-sustainable world
7. Freedom do differ – ideas worth fighting for
8. Business and Corporate Blogging
9. Ethics & responsability – growing a healthy global community
10. Blogging and global politics – building a better world
11. The future for blogging – what’s next?
12. Blogs and Education – new skills for the new world
13. Researching Blogs and Blogging Research
14. How to Monetize Your Online Media
15. Behind the Scenes – blogging and new media
16. Mobile democracy – the truth is live and in full streaming
17. Standing up for the community
18. Science blogging and sharing ideas
19. Sharing ideas – the global playground
20. Opening the world – promoting transparency on a global scale

I’m happy to see a global online event to take place in Romania and I’m also thrilled to meet top bloggers from all over the world in Bucharest. Details here…