Transnistria – Europe’s Black Hole

Transnistria is a “phantom state”, east of Moldova. If you are interested in the matter you should know that we now have a new blog we’re hosting on Imagine Romania from a correspondent from this “war zone”.

Transnistria has a very interesting economy financed from nowhere. In Tiraspol, there is a company called SHERIFF controlling everything from restaurants and supermarkets to showrooms and gas stations. More interesting is that they have a Mercedes dealership over there and all the products and brands of the free world. Here is a movie I find interesting and quite equilibrated about the situation in the former province of Moldova:

As you can notice in the movie below, they have Internet access over there although they are still under the .md (Moldova) administration. Only few people use the Internet services mainly for monitoring the press and propaganda. A few weeks ago we had the first visitors from a school in Transnistria (Romanian speaking users) on (Romanian language is never used in public spaces, only in private areas). But young people in Transnistria face a hard life as they are indoctrinated and targeted by the Russian psychological warfare:

Trafficking weapons for Africa, Middle East Irak, Iran and human trafficking are also part of the local economy (women trafficking is part of the strategy aiming exterminating the Romanian population):

And the last part of the report from Journeyman Pictures:

Soviet paramilitary troops in 1992 – here is how all this nonsense began:

In the end, enjoy the latest propaganda from Transnistria:

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  1. sa stii ca ai facut o treaba buna, daca vrei poti gasi pe un video super strasnic cum mergea razboiul in Trns ๐Ÿ˜‰


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