Spetsnaz in Beslan

Spetsnaz (Russian special purpose regiments) is the common name for the elite or special units controlled by the Federal Security Service (FSB) with counter-terrorist and anti-sabotage tasks. These units were the elite of the KGB and performed multiple tasks around the world. By far, the most interesting thing about the members is that they link their combat knowledge to strong psychological techniques:

So basically, they can disarm a person without any effort and do it very fast.
On the other hand, the unit has a zero tolerance approach to terrorists – they are trained to use the element of surprise, to act fast and eliminate all targets:

Before jumping to the next movie you should keep in mind that all this soldiers are elite – basically they can fly or can be invisible but the politics when dealing with terrorists is sometimes cinical. At that time, the leaders had 2 things in their minds: “never negotiate with the terrorists” and “we should set an example”.
334 civilians killed, 186 were children (437 people, including 221 children, were hospitalized) mainly due to the use of heavy weapons by the spetsnaz:

The mainstream story at that time was that the terrorists provoked all the deaths. At that time the event was branded as another “fight against terror”. Because people and governments change, due to the latests scandals involving Russia, there is a new story coming to us: the spetsnaz and Putin are responsible for the killings and Beslan meant poor crises management.

I guess this is one of those cases where the truth doesn’t matter anymore. For some.