Russian online market in 2008

The Russian online market is interesting even for some Romanian entrepreneurs. Far more attractive than the western markets and not so much exposed to global risks 🙂 (just the usual energy/cold crises).

Here are some figures from an article I’ve read this Saturday, published by

– total marketing spend for the entire year will be between US$1.04 billion to $1.48 billion;

– Tagline market research predicted that by the end of 2008, media advertising is expected to receive ~$285 million – $390 million investments ;

$320 million – $450 million – predictions for spent on contextual ads;

– SEM will receive ~$250 million – $400 million;

– web development market estimated between $160 million – $200 million.

– content production, online consultancy, oline PR and blogging will receive ~ $25 million – $35 million (source: Tagline).

– online marketing communications in Russia rising in 2008;

Tagline’s analysis was based on a research involving 600 companies (information acquired using direct interviews and open source intelligence). The funny thing is that the estimates are made in US dollars.

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  1. Well, I wouldn’t be so sure about the attractiveness of the Russian market if taking into account the problems Google has with the Russian regulators who are trying to prevent the Internet titan from closing the deal on “ZAO Begun” advertising network belonging to

  2. Just wanted to mention the the US Dollar is the most “popular” currency in Russia. Like in Romania people have prices for real estate or cars in euros, in Russia they have them in Dollars.
    That’s why they probably chose to centralize data in dollars

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