Russia Internet Forum – the biggest internet forum in Russia

The biggest internet event in Russia (more than 5.000 participants) is the Russia Internet Forum. As I’m surfing their website I can only think that It’s a good idea to register for 2010 –

The event is organized under the high patronage of the Russian President, Dmitri Medvedev. A very important thing that I can notice here in Paris is that the Russian Internet companies and investment funds and very competitive and have big plans in innovating interactive technologies. They say that the Russian market aims to compete with the US, there are lots of VCs interested in the huge potential of the market and many Russian companies now try to penetrate Silicon Valley.

Speaking of the Russian President, Dmitri Medvedev, I can notice that the local interactive companies have a real impact on the local government and public authorities in order to focus on the new technologies. Maybe this is the reason why Dmitri Medvedev wants a “new Russia” focused more on Internet, Social Networking and sustainable development and less on exporting energy and natural resources.

Medvedev also made a very good impression and send a strong signal to Russian Internet entrepreneurs when he started his videoblog and when he decided to use new media in the act of governing.

I’m more than sure that Russians will change again the face of the Internet. After all, Sergey Brin, the enlightened founder of Google is Russian-born and some of the most intelligent people exploring Silicon Valley right now are of Russian origins.