Romania, at the center of the storm

The biggest anti-Romanian campaign was triggered last week in Italy. A precise informational war is affecting both Italian/Romanian and EU interests as the news show Romanian immigrants committing crimes, Italian extremists in fascist actions and overall the EU as a “bad idea”.

This psychological warfare was carefully prepared for some months as a response for the new countries joining the European Union. This is part of the anti-EU propaganda but since there are many things to learn these days, I’m quite busy reading news feeds from all over the world. If you are interested in this matter, you should look for the right signs.

One Reply to “Romania, at the center of the storm”

  1. I don’t understand why this is happening, I’m also Romanian, and I must say, that it is very painfull for us, we only can try to convice them, that this isn’t the truth, that “the immigrants committing crimes” first of all do not represent the real Romanian people, which in it’s majority lives in Romania, not in Italy. I appeal to common sens

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