Reactions to the iPhone and stocks – predictions for the iPhone 2.0

It seems that Steve Jobs will stay for another round at Apple. The fact that the iPhone 2.0 is already on the drawing board makes me think that this is a great financial strategy for the CEO.

What’s ahead?
Apple continues to expand toward new media markets and new technologies. While surfing the new, rumors show that the new iPhone will have 2 batteries: one for the iPod music and one for the phone. As we speak the iPhone 1.0 is a phone, an iPod and an Internet device. We don’t know the power of the OS but when you have such a device it’s a pity not to listen your favorite tunes while playing a 3d game.

I think that the new versions of iPhone (2.0 +) will probably focus on several aspects:
– Improved phone technology – 3G implementation
– improved handsfree usability both for music and making calls
– More memory up to 20 gigs
– A more powerful graphic processor in order to run the latest games
– The possibility of playing games over a small wireless network
– Bar code reader – for shopping tips (integrated with google blog searchengine)
– Better photo/video camera up to 5 megapixels and real-time editing software

NOTE that as we speak it seems that the new iPhone has NO GAMES available and no customized software – the smart phones have a serious advantage: the fact that Windows Mobile and active sync allow users to install all kind of software and even install it from the Internet. Imagine the stocks dropping if the new iPhone will have an outdated antivirus – we all know that surfing the web and receiving e-mails is not a walk in the park anymore.

If the 3G is there on the market and if some phone already have 5 megapixel cameras, we all wondered why Apple didn’t used all the new tech for this first model. NOKIA laughed about this but in fact, this is part of their strategy. First of all, iPhone 1.0 has an affordable price because it lacks the latest mobile tech trends. Then again, few people use the 3G services and few people need as we speak a 5mb camera on their phones. This is why the iPhone 2.0 will bring the right upgrades at the right time, at the right price.

Meanwhile, the website is registered by other folks and the iPhone device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the FCC and the brand “iPhone” is a registered mark for Cisco.

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  1. I wrote a bit about the iPhone in my blog, not quite as extensively as you do here. But the main point is that the mashup is here, and it is going to get bigger. All online books for free, smart refrigerators, customizability up the ying yang. The mashup will be the next wave of innovations.

  2. Mult, mult prea mult zgomot pentru extrem, xtrem de putin. In utlimele zile blogosfera din .ro parca a luat-o pe campii: iPhone in sus, iPhone in jos, unii mai aveau putin si povesteau cum l-au folosit cu o seara inainte etc.

    Maxim 2 zile … atat cred ca va mai “trai” subiectul in Ro.

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