President of Romania denounces Soviet era


President Basescu made the front page on International Herald Tribune. The article was published yesterday by Craig S. Smith, just minutes after Basescu’s speech in the parliament:

The move comes just two weeks before Romania joins the European Union on Jan. 1 and represents a belated attempt by the country to make a more complete break with the Communist past than was possible in the managed revolution of 1989. After the Communist authority collapsed in Moscow that year, many of the region’s Communist officials simply changed hats and continued to participate in government when authoritarian one-party regimes morphed, largely unchallenged, into independent free-market democracies.

The report cites the names of many other former apparatchiks, including Tismaneanu’s own late father, Leon Tismaneanu, who was deputy director of the state publishing house and wrote in support of the regime. Corneliu Vadim Tudor, now leader of the ultranationalist Greater Romania Party, was singled out for his role as a former Communist state poet.

Tudor and his supporters tried to disrupt the parliamentary session Monday. At one point, Tudor stood up, blew a whistle and held up a red card like those used to signal fouls in soccer. While some lawmakers applauded Besascu’s remarks, others sat in silence.

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  1. Actually, Basescu’s speech was a brilliant move. I’m not one of the president’s unconditional supporters, but it’s easy to notice he challenged the left-wing opposition (PRM-PSD) with his collection of historical commonplaces, arranged in a very provocative way for the former communists still involved in the political process. The PRM bit the bait in a ridiculous way and the president of the Senate, a PSD member, didn’t do much to calm down the PRM members’ whistle blowing and all the rest. Basescu appeared as some kind of victim in all the scandal, and the electorate without any clear options will be forced to stick to the Basescu side because no decent voter would approve what Vadim and his PRM did.

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