President Bush talks about Iran

President Bush met with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and it’s very important to notice the last paragraph of the press release and a few keywords:

PRESIDENT BUSH said: “Mr. Secretary General […] I want to thank you very much, as well, for our discussions about Iran and North Korea. I wish you all the best in this important job […]”

SECRETARY GENERAL KI-MOON said “[…] As I start my new administration as Secretary General, I get to have strong commitment and support from U.S. government, and I’m committed to devote all my time and energy to the address — to address all these important issues — Middle East, and Darfur, Lebanon, and Somalia, North Korea […]”
Note that North Korea is present in both their speeches as a sensitive issue while Iran is only mentioned by President Bush (KI-MOON refers to “Middle East”).
My primary conclusion is that the next target on the war on terror will be Iran and the U.N. will fail to conduct the peace talks.

I wonder what Mahmood Ahmadinejad will write about this on his blog…

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