News to read between two meetings

1. Yahoo creates new council to boost online advertising, BrandRepublic reports (Indirectly, will also influence Romania on the long run):

LONDON – Yahoo is forming an advisory council to explore digital opportunities with its advertiser and media agency partners. The Digital Advisory Council, which will consist of around 20 leading media and advertising industry executives, will work to explore digital media and online advertising opportunities.

2. Antitrust group urges limits on Google, Yahoo deal (Reuters):

Google and Yahoo’s deal to let Google place some ads on Yahoo’s search pages, which the Justice Department is reviewing, should be allowed with limits, the American Antitrust Institute said on Tuesday.

3. Wall Street Journal to sell online classified obituaries (Crains New York – this can be a niche for Romania also:

Wall Street Journal wants to expand classified advertising by partner with to sell classified obituaries on the paper’s Web site. According to the deal announced Monday, is the new classified obituaries section of Users will have the chance to add a print counterpart in the Remembrances section of the Saturday Journal.

4. Technorati: blogging becomes global and mainstream (Study):

According to the study, blogosphere has been growing in both size and influence – the lines between a blog and a mainstream media is thinner: 95% of the top 100 U.S. newspapers now have reporter blogs. 🙂

Interesting data (different sources):

  • *77.7 million unique blog readers in the U.S – according to comScore MediaMetrix in August 2008;
  • *94.1 million U.S. online users read blogs in 2007, while 22.6 millions of them blog themselves – eMarketer report in May 2008.
  • *346 million people worldwide read blogs – Universal McCann March 2008.
  • *to compare, there are 3.363 blogs and 1.644.957 blog visitors in Romania according to Sep. 2008 (most visited blog in Romania is

5. Family social network launched in Russia, US$ 500,000 investment (they also expect at least 500.000 users in the first year; it’s funny because a user costs the same in Romania in a much smaller market; Russia = 28,000,000 Internet users as of March/07, 19.5% penetration):

The first family-oriented social network was launched for Russian-speaking Web users, offering the option of searching for relatives, to gather information about one’s family and to befriend other families, reported FamilySpace will allow members to construct family trees, keep a family diary and calendar as well as get access to historical address books.