Good weapon, good PR, great deal

Yemenis belonging to the Bagefer tribe attend a wedding ceremony at Wadi Lesser, in Hadramout August 28, 2007. The Hadramout is an isolated tribal region in the south of the Arabian peninsula and is the ancestral home of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. (YEMEN):
Reuters photo
Photo: REUTERS/Str

I’m not a specialist in firearms but It seems they display the Remington M1903A3 (circa 1943 Rifle). The M1903 was used in World War I and World War II, and in Vietnam. It was also used as a sniper rifle in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Although the rifle was sighted for 2,300 m (point-blank range of 457 m) this gun could fire at a rate of 20 shots per minute. Each stripper clip contained 5 cartridges, and standard issue consisted of 12 clips carried in a cloth bandolier.

Looking to the picture above I told to myself that these US weapons are quite old. Having old weapons and showing them on REUTERS it’s like posting a desperate ad on the internet and saying “we need new weapons”.
The best deal for them could probably the new AKM (AK-47) Kalashnikov modernized assault rifle (these guns look mean and can provide great PR in the village) but the best news is that changing the weapons can be a very good business. Here is what can be done:

1) Collect all the old weapons and sell them on the Internet – Prices (plus shipping, handling and insurance) for M1903 – $1,395, M1903 Mark1 – $1,495, M1903A3 – $1,395. The fact that the Arabian peninsula is the ancestral home of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden means that the old weapons also have a story (this should ad at least 20% value to the price).
2) The Russian AK-47 is a good weapon but their price begins with 800$. You’d think this is a good price but there are some issues – I don’t recommend buying Russian because my country is a NATO member so I have to promote my side of town. So, practically the Russians will rip you off.
3) THE BEST NEWS is that you CAN buy an American AK-47 – the AKM 47RS built by Lancaster Consulting IS ONLY $469.00 – The price also includes free shipping to your village.
4) Selling the old weapon (a piece of history) with 1,495 and buying the $469 American AK-47 means $1026 in your pocket out of nowhere for every gun.

The thing is that having new weapons is good, you’ll look great in the pictures and you’ll have a new story to tell (not to mention your capabilities to increase the damages for your enemies in the desert). And the best thing is that the great PR is just a bonus for this great financial deal.

Now, let’s see who’ll notice the old weapons in today’s newspapers and hurry up to make a sell 🙂