Climb dance

My father was a racing driver in the national rally championship. This is why I always had a passion for racing. I remember that Ari Vatanen was a childhood hero and I was thrilled to find this movie on YouTube.

This footage showing Ari Vatanen in a 405 T16 climbing Pikes Peak was made by Jean Louis Mourey and it received several awards in the 90s.

Must know:

In June of 2004, Ari Vatanen was elected again as a Member of the European Parliament – from France this time around. Even in the French delegation, Ari Vatanen is keen to defend all of Europe’s and above all the interests of the global human family. “The invisible hand of life has put me on a path that I could not even had imagined while growing up. On June 13th, 2004 I was awarded a second term at the European Parliament. A warm thank to all for the encouragement! Even though the delegation this time is in southern France, I would like to refresh what a famous Finnish politician, Mr Johannes Virolainen said in thick Karelian accent: “The same man, the same speeches!”

A few days ago Ari Vatanen spoke about “The Drive For Clean Energy” at the Royal George Hotel in Perth, Scotland.

In the near future I also see Michael Schumacher involved in politics as a member of the European Parliament. He would probably have a great impact in promoting the renewable energy – this is an idea for Margot Wallstrom.