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Thousands of Palestinians fled a battered refugee camp in north Lebanon on Tuesday when a fragile truce eased three days of fierce battles between Lebanese army troops and Islamist militants.


The attacks took place in Yala, one of three violence-torn southern provinces bordering Malaysia. The homemade bomb, which was hidden on a roadside, went off when a police team was inspecting the body of a Buddhist man who had been shot dead.


An explosion in a shopping mall in Turkey’s capital Ankara, left five people killed and 60 injured according to the AP. Technical teams are trying to determine its cause.

Great Britain

British officials said Tuesday that they will seek the extradition of Andrei Lugovoi from Russia to face a charge of murder in the poisoning death of former Soviet agent Alexander Litvinenko.


Russia cannot turn over Lugovoi – “a Russian citizen cannot be extradated to a foreign state” – article 61 of the Russian Constitution.