Zilele Biz 2009

Next week in Bucharest – the biggest b2b event in Romania: BIZ DAYS.

The 7th edition of Romania’s Leading Business-to-Business trade show will be all about change. The world is changing, market conditions are changing, and the business world is changing along with them. More than 3.000 participants, entrepreneurs, business executives and professionals from all major industries, as well as international speakers will discuss and analyze the leading trends of events that will shape the business world of tomorrow. Innovative technology, CSR, New Media and other concepts are opening new possibilities, as well as new challenges in our business world. This year’s event will feature lots of novelties in itself: A50 – the launch of a guide of the best local architects, and a showroom of their work, BizPlan Awards – a competition of entrepreneurship ideas, Creativity in Action – a special project that will showcase the best commercials of the past 5 years, and the people behind them, and others. With it’s perfect mix of conferences, workshops, presentations, one2one meetings and networking possiblities, ZileleBiz 2008 will be as always, the best knowledge and partnerships generating event of it’s kind.

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Meet you there!