Zilele BIZ – Day 5, all day review

I was there, first thing in the morning and had a very long day. Good thing it was on a Friday so I could reschedule some meetings.


[+] Vanda WOLFOVA the Regional Director, Ogilvy Group EAME was the guest speaker with a very good presentation, both client and results oriented. They are doing serious efforts to catch up on the Internet and to be more competitive on the new Media. I must say that Vanda WOLFOVA had yesterday a meeting with the Romanian Ogilvy management and she stressed on the importance of the new techonologies.

[-] Radu Florescu from Saatchi&Saatchi – first of all because he had a presentation about the Internet and he had now idea about what’s going on out there. He made it clear that the reason why the Internet advertising is underdeveloped in Romania is first of all due to the lack of professionals and know-how in the agencies and because the clients are used to spend their budgets on TV.
The only thing we agreed on was on how stupid is to watch a movie on TV – for example, a 1h20’ movie on PROTV takes away 3h of your life with all the commercials.
I hope TiVO will enter the Romanian market 🙂

Also interesting in a strange way – Bogdan NITU, General Manager – Webstyler (he was a little nervous).
Jeremy Wright had a indigestion the last evening so he was not able to attend this session.
Val VOICU from AdEvolution missed the whole thing (no explanations).

Conclusion: everybody from the PR/advertising industry wanted to know more on the Internet and to be in the mainstream but they fear to do this because they lack the proper know-how.

The second conference – The new consumer, tendencies, attitudes and market realities

[+] This was the best conference of the day – moderated by Dan PETRE, Managing Director at D&D Research. All the discussions were focused on the young consumers so imagine the things they talked about – from how the children influence their parents in buying the favourite products to brand recognition for babies. These matters are very sensitive and the studies presented were very good.

Most interesting:
Stefan STROE, Head of Consumer Context Planning – Starcom Media with his presentation on the VIRAL campaigns.

Daniel ENESCU, General Manager – Daedalus – he presented the results of an European survey about the young people. An interesting conclusion of the survey was that the relationships in couples changed a lot in the last years. Now, you cannot target a couple anymore because the individuals have different needs and they can have different lifestyles. But, after the first born child their behavior changes dramatically so that when planning a campaign we can now select “children” or “no children” as serious criteria.

Mirela ANGELESCU, Client Service Director – GMP presented a very interesting study case about the little guys and the commercials we can hear at Itsy Bitsy. Very interesting were the ethical questions she raised. After all, this type of advertising aims the children.

Dan Petre presented a study made for two important companies in the market. I was shocked because of some results of his research: for example, kids are more mature and want to become 30; they are not watching cartoons all day anymore; they don’t like Tom & Jerry anymore but the new Japanese productions are quite trendy. Also, the emotional experiences children have with brands are very powerful and they all are very open to the advertising.


Good speeches:
Sorin PSATTA, Strategy and Research Director – Graffiti BBDO, Bogdan BRINZAS, General Manager – Brinzas Design and the closing act signed by Dumitru BORTUN, ARRP President

Today was also a good day for networking: Dan Petre introduced me to Bogdan Naumovici, Adrian Botan and Ioana Vaideanu – I also met Serban Alexandrescu, Dragos Dehelean, Tudor Maxim, Dragos Tuta, Antonio Eram, Ionut Oprea and other bloggers.

In the end, here is the favourite movie of the evening via Bogdan Naumovici (Smirnoff Teapartay ad):