Twitter Revolutions – conflict zone online correspondents joining World Blogging Forum in Bucharest

During the last months we’ve heard on TV that people used twitter, youtube or facebook to send news and updates from conflict zones all over the world. We witnessed it in Georgia in 2008 and in Moldova in 2009 – now, two of the twitter correspondents will join the World Blogging Forum in Bucharest:

Giorgi Jakhaia a.k.a. Cyxymu’, is a Georgian blogger who was targeted in a co-ordinated series of attacks on social networking sites Facebook, Google  Blogger, Live Journal and Twitter.


Cyxymu’s Russian-language LiveJournal blog was a source of information from Georgia for the news media during the 2007 state of emergency and 2008 South Ossetia war.

The blogger, became the first digital refugee (details here)…

Petru Terguta was one of the journalists that sent us news from Moldova during the events and tensions in 2009:

Petru Terguta is the youngest journalist awarded by the Press Club in Chisinau. Right after his graduation he became the Journalist of the year 2006 in Moldova. He created the first journalism blog in Moldova and he won the Blog Section in the Webtop 2007 contest details here…

It seems that the World Blogging Forum will be very interesting to follow as the bloggers invited to speak really have amazing stories.