Tom Hackforth in Romania at TCB

Tom Hackforth combines his experience of being a head hunter with up to date market knowledge of what is expected from a CV. Having seen literally thousands of CVs he understands the power of a well presented resume.

The CV Clinic have prepared interview generating CVs for candidates ranging from Graduates to CEOs across a wide variety of sectors.

He leads a network of career specialists who combine a wide range of backgrounds, skills and qualifications, bringing together a wealth of professional experience in career guidance, career management, recruitment, selection and personal marketing.

Regular workshops and seminars ensure they maintain up-to-date expertise in their professional fields, plus current knowledge of the employment market and the latest developments in recruitment and selection. All of this means they are the best people to advise you on your career issues and help you market yourself effectively.

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  1. What a well organised event and full of motivated young talent looking to progress in their careers. I was glad to be there and meet all the hardworkers who put the event togehter and attended to my every need. A complete success so thanks once again to all the team!!

    Best wishes

    Emma Hackforth

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