TCB – Targul de Cariere Bucuresti | Bucharest Career Fair – the place to be

Our creative intelligence was at its best in the last weeks so we managed to create one of the most attractive concepts in the market.
We had to wait for the competition and gather all the vital information from the competitive environment and during all this time we had to think out of the box.

One crucial thing in Bucharest is to find a big place for a career fair. This place also has to be very accessible (preferably in the middle of the city) and to have a strong brand.
This is why it’s very hard to find such a building in the center of the city. While our competition was running from one place to another, we took our time to prepare the concept.

Our first thought: “why do it in a building?” – so we focused on one of the main squares in Bucharest (Piata Revolutiei) and we decided to place it there. This is how we managed to have a 1700 sq m area for the event – in this zone we’ll built a pavilion: very modern, very good looking, brought from Germany.

Another important thing is that we could easily place our event in time as we didn’t depend on other events in the same place. So we chose the last week in April because we wanted to have a distance from the Easter holiday and the Labor Day and the student exam session.

“Piata Revolutiei” gave us the chance to brand something cool. The word “Revolution” implies “Evolution” and we believe that the fair will be a place for career evolutions.

Very interesting will also be the Career Cafe – a place where you can come for a coffee with actual managers or counselors and talk about career opportunities.

As I know that my blog is read by the competition, this is where I’ll stop although I have to thank them: because of you guys we had to work twice as hard and think twice as fast so this event will be great because of you also.

Later update: The press release here.
and check out the website here…