Slow food protest in Bucharest: “Eve was born in Plescoi”

Eve was born in Plescoi

Using art to raise awareness for the traditional Romanian customs and products is not something new but this is the first slow food movement to do this.

The sculpture above is made from traditional and very rare Plescoi sausages made by Adrian Ilfoveanu, a local modern artist. The good news is that you can see it live at Muzeul Taranului Roman – Clubul Taranului until the 25th of September along with a black and white photo exhibition signed by the international artist and photographer Nicu Ilfoveanu.

The event was sponsored by Val Duna (wines from Carl Reh Winery) and Poiana Negri and it’s part of the local slow food movement called “Revolutia Plescoi” – el lider: Cezar Ioan.

Later edit – the Plescoi proclamation is available here…