Peter Fisk – “Marketing Genius” Masterclass

Today I’ve met Peter Fisk and had a very entertaining experience while attending his “Marketing Genius” Masterclass.

I came back very optimistic regarding the online future in Romania after networking with marketing managers from FMCG, IT, Banking, Real Estate and Pharma. The trend is to invest more in online and approach integrated TV-online strategies.

If you don’t know Peter Fisk, I recommend attending this masterclass or read his bestseller, “Marketing Genius”.

Peter Fisk was CEO of the world’s largest professional marketing organisation, the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He was Partner of The Foundation, a strategic innovation firm, and Group Managing Director of Brand Finance. Before that he was leader of PA Consulting’s global marketing team, and a strategic marketer with British Airways.

His recent clients include Coca Cola and Marks & Spencer, Microsoft and Vodafone. He was recently described by Business Strategy Review as “one of the most interesting new business thinkers” in strategy and marketing, customers, brands and innovation. | more here…