NGO Events from VIP and ANOSR

1) The Student of the Year – from VIP – check out
The project is sponsored by Generali Asigurari, SOFTWIN, CARPATCEMENT and PFIZER – This morning will be the press conference and this evening the ceremony at Intercontinental Hotel.

2) Bologna Week – From ANOSR (Actually Traian Bruma is behind the project – sometimes he is a one man army) and it seems they’ve done a great job. Check out the official website at – they had no sponsors except the Romanian Government but I know that BRD and Vodafone were interested in their project. I’ve notice the partnership with the romanian edition of “Le Monde Diplomatique“.
They also have a new blog as “Bologna Instigators” here -this was my idea 🙂

In case I didn’t mention, we support both “Studentul Anului” and “Bologna Week” as media partners.