JOBfest – PR overview

Very busy week as I had to take care of the PR for JOBfest. It was not easy – we identified a negative campaign started from another area and we had to counterbalance the effects. I’m sure that the company who started this will not get the award for “best practice” and in some countries what they did is considered illegal (I’m happy Romanian will join the EU in january).
So… this week was about press releases, interviews and smiling (the smiling was the easiest part as I’m a happy face most of the time). On Monday we had Evenimentul Zilei writing about us (thanks to Felicia Niculae – she really did a very good coverage during the week also, as she is doing a very good job with the “Career section” in the newspaper). I also noticed that “Adevarul” reported every time we had something to say.

Monday and Tuesday meant also two press releases and on Wednesday morning we had a very good radio coverage: KISS FM (who was also the official partner), Radio21 (interview and news), Radio Romania, Radio Bucharest, BBC (very good coverage), MIX FM & Student Fm. I also got a report that we made the news on Infopro, RadioTOTAL, NationalFM and probably many small stations.

Now, probably the most important for the companies we had there, was the TV coverage. First day we had only National TV but on Thursday we were visited by TVR (the Romanian National Television)/ TVRi, PROTV and Antena1. Also, a SensoTV team was there for a larger report (they also had a workshop during the event). On Friday we had PrimaTV and I hope I mentioned everyone. Very happy about the TV coverage was the Hewlett-Packard team – they plan to hire more than 400 specialists next year, so they had something to say. Also ACCENTURE, ORACLE, DACIA, BUTANGAS, LYNGSOE SYSTEMS, GAMELOFT and BRD had PR people talking on TV.

The printed press coverage was quite ok (long list of publications, i’ll get the monitoring report next week) and besides the news articles, I have to tanks our partners at Business Adviser, Business Point, PC World, COMPUTERWORLD, NETWORKWORLD, Ziua, Gazeta, SCJ, StudentMax and AutoExpert.

Very special thanks to Ciprian Macesaru at SAPTE SERI – for the second time partners at JOBfest.

Last but not least, we had the Internet. I belive that many people had no trouble to find us online – UTV helped us (U online – thanks Victor) but also BestJOBS (thanks to Calin Fusu for the workshop and to Marian Pop for the online help). I won’t forget Cristi Lucan ( was a good partner), Cezar Ioan, Andrei Crivat, Victor Glijin (, Adrian Baston (very operative), Toni Budici, Mihai Cana, Mihaela Hartescu (great job at ASPSE) and Gheorghe Bucluc (OSE).

If you received any message from JOBfest this week, it means I did my job. If not, you probably weren’t on the target. 🙂