Internet Event: Awards is the oldest and one of the most trusted audit websites for Romanian webmasters as it displays statistics for over 45.000 internet websites. The service measures Romanian Internet traffic since 2000 and in the last year they started to display an open strategy built around its community.

As we speak, Romanian online advertising has 2 accepted official measuring tools (the other one is SATI/BRAT) but still has the psychologycal advantage of being the first on the market, a better technical application for measuring and delivering data in realtime and it is more cost effective than SATI.

Since 2009 encouraged more and more entrepreneurs and enthusiats to use the service in order to develop their own applications basesed on and this is why today they organize the first edition of Awards.

The finalists for today are:

  1. Multi Site Tracking – Autor: Vlad Dragu
  2. TinyTrafic – Autor: Georgian Jipa
  3. offTrafic – Autor: Tripon Andrei

and they’re apps and details can be found and tested on this page. You can also find the details on their official blog.

The event will take place at 1830 CET in Bucharest, Orange Concept Store (Calea Victoriei, no. 41) and if you are in Romania, it’s a great chance to meet local Internet entrepreneurs and new media professionals.

Event Parteners: Orange Concept Store, Kaspersky,,
Media Partners:,,

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