How many wine bottles can 13 rock bands drink in 3 days?

The first European study made by the EU commission in order to see if the Romanian wines really are so good 🙂 – just joking, this was only a personal question I had for myself and I had the chance to find the answer at the ARTmania festival in Sibiu:

The correct answer is: 221 bottles 🙂

The bands in the study: My Dying Bride, Tarot, Altar, Celelalte Cuvinte, Haggard, Anathema, Cargo, The Gathering, Luna Amara, Vita de Vie, Iris, After Forever and Within Temptation.

The most wanted wine: Val Duna’s Rose de Roumanie (Merlot, Burgund) – 120 bottles knocked up in the weekend (Val Duna and Carl Reh Winery sponsored the event).

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  1. Yeap, you have all the great wines over there and we really loved spending precious moments with them

    Hope be back in Romania in a few months because it felt like Romania is the place to be

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