Badmouthing competitors diminishes you. Period.

Never badmouth a competitor – Tom Peters says so but this is not the only reason to do so 🙂 :

Speak Not Ill of Thine Competitors

Does this require more explanation than the Golden Rule (“Do unto others …”): Badmouthing competitors diminishes you. Period.

“Win” with better product.
“Win” with better relationships.
“Win” when your industry is prospering and has a good reputation. (Think consultants, ad agencies, lawyers, for example.)

Build up your competitors!
Build up your entire industry!

(And if a competitor is missing deadlines, etc., instead of piling on, say, “Yes, I do hear they’re going through a rough patch; but they’re a good company and a good competitor and I’m sure they’ll sort things out.” Or some such.)

Decency rules!
Decency rules! (And, paradoxically, the more “dog eat dog” the competitive situation, the more the “decency advantage” matters.

Now, I have to thank a few people for building my personal brand: Andreea (she seems nice), Andy, Cristian Hossu and Dragos Gheban – although they are going through a difficult period, I want to wish them good luck with the event they have this week.

Angajatori de Top is one of the most important events for the young professionals and on 13th and 14th of April you will also have the chance to check it out at Sala Palatului.