Aneta Bogdan, Stefan Liute and Bogdan Branzas turned on by Dan Petre

Dan Petre (D&D Research) made a very interesting research for Brandient (Aneta Bogdan) – TOP50 Romanian Brands (Dacia, BRD and BCR made the TOP3). Today I had the chance to surf the branding companies and I was very pleased as I discovered new perspectives on the study.
First to comment is Bogdan Branzas – he thinks the study is useless and he says that they don’t plan to have a similar research during the next years.
Stefan Liute (Grapefruit) is more reserved but at some level agrees with Branzas.
As I know, Aneta Bogdan is not blogging yet but Dan Petre (the mastermind behind this study) started to explain some of the issues on his new blog.
Because me and Cezar try to write about wines on our online magazine, I asked Dan about Murfatlar (the most notorious brand in the industry). The answer Dan provided is here and it’s very interesting to read.
I wonder if Liute and Branzas will surf Dan Petre’s blog 🙂 – maybe we’ll see further comments 😉