1.250.000 EUR

We conducted a study in order to find out the figures for the Romanian career events market.
Numbers: 600.000 EUR in 2006, more than 1.250.000 EUR in 2007.

The research was secret a few days ago but we decided to let it out: the press release here…

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  1. Interesting “secret” results. This means that Career Management estimetes a turnover of 20.000 Euros for 2007?

  2. It was a joke.

    I just want to say that the value is way under 1.250.000 EUR
    Would you please show us the value for each city, and the events you took into consideration?

    Thank you,


  3. 🙂
    The only thing I can show you (in private) are the figures concerning your company. I know you want to see the figures for every event but this type of information is not available for our competition 🙂

    The only thing I can give you is a beer if you and Cristian want to meet downtown 😉

  4. I must agree on the 1,25 prediction. My company considers it reliable.
    In 2006, 623.435 EUR – as you can see, you’re not the only one who knows things. (joking)

  5. Dragos, i’ve told you that we don’t need to give those discounts because the final figure will not be round anymore. You see how precise Blondy got it.

    For Bogdan: since the Godess entered in the game, i’m thinking to skip your invitation and take Blondy instead. I hope you understand why! No hard feelings ok ;).

    What do the Gods say about that Blondy? Btw.. who are u?

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