Looking for a Foreign Language Specialist – Czech Language

The ideal candidate:

* Excellent knowledge of the Czech language;
* Computer skills: Internet, e-mail, Microsoft Word;
* Responsible, dependable, ability to work under stress, able to cope well with very tight deadlines;
* Organized person, with logical thinking;
* Ability to work productively in a team;
* Effective communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of clients and staff;
* Self-confidence and a proactive attitude, excellent communication skills, active listening abilities
* Possess and demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills, and be able to communicate essential concepts to people of all levels.
* Ability to plan effectively and work under pressure;
* Results oriented, dynamic and self-motivated person.

If you have it, send me an e-mail with your resume.

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  1. Hello,
    I´m a czech speaker (native) living in Bucharest looking for a job.
    If needed contact me on my email.

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