ARBOmedia losing blood

The first two people I met from ARBOmedia were Magda and Laurentiu. They seemed quite positive to me in a discussion that I wanted to drive them crazy 🙂 but they had answers for every question.

Last year the ARBO online golden team was as its best: with Calin Rotarus managing the online sales and Doru Panaitescu executing clearly every campaign. Things started to chill last autumn. First, Calin took charge of all ARBO sales so there was one shortage in the online department by the end of the year. Surprisingly for everybody we found that beginning with the 1st of January 2007, Doru Panaitescu left ARBO and entered another interactive quest. Next on the list was Laurentiu so the core team was loosing member by member. The ARBO online team had a solid core at some time but the decisions made by some people confused the term “management” with “leadership” so that chemistry kicked in big time.

I remember that one time I had the chance to see what Magda was doing over there so I was really impressed. I told one of our investors that if we wanted to start an online sales agency, Magda would be the first person to recruit (first of all because of her long Yahoo Messenger list full of site owners 🙂 ) and I considered her to be one of the key members in the ARBOmedia online team. At some moment this year she was promoted but I guess that her heart had other plans 🙂

A few moments ago Magda announced us (e-mail) that she’s leaving ARBO beginning with the 1st of July. I told to myself that the day Magda will leave ARBO, the ship will sink so now It’s a good time to panic. Rumors say that the figures produced by the ARBOonline in the last months don’t look very good, many of the publishers are not happy with the sales and the competition is tougher on a fragmented market (last year in june there were only 2 important players in the market, now there are 4).

In the end, the only thing I can say is that everybody seems to love football 🙂

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